Clearview Stoves


All About Clearview

Clearview Stoves, the leading manufacturer of woodburning stoves

This film takes us on a tour of our flagship showrooms in Ludlow and our impressive production facilities in the heart of Shropshire.

Clearview - Stow showroom

A short film about the beautiful Clearview showroom in Stow on the Wold in the Cotswolds.

Tales From a Clearview Fireside

Tales From a Clearview Fireside is a fascinating series of films about real Clearview owners and their personal view on life with what many consider the worlds finest stove.

As well as describing how their homes were often transformed when they bought their Clearview, the films also reveal a reflective, interesting and often exciting insight into their lives. The films are far more than testimonials and each one is a unique and very different story about life with a Clearview Stove.

Vincent Thurkettle - Woodsman

Vincent Thurkettle is one of the U.K.'s leading experts on wood fires.

He has written the best selling 'The Woodfire Handbook', and is a Chartered Forester.

Vincent believes passionately in wood as a renewable energy source.

He lives in Norfolk in his 17th century cottage that is heated solely by two Clearview stoves.

Mark Holberton - Talton Mill - Warwickshire

Mark Holberton has lived on his small farm all his life. In this film he reflects on the changes he has seen over the years, his favourite time of the year and how, at the end of a long hard day - there's nothing like relaxing in front of his Clearview.

John Vowler - Owner of Parnacott House - Devon

John Vowler inherited Parnacott House, but it was in need of extensive renovation. The house has been in his family for over 500 years and in a labour of love John has restored it to a warm, comfortable and elegant house once more...thanks in no small part to his Clearview.

Matt Pearce - Mountain Cyclist and paramedic - Shropshire

This film sees Matt Pearce talking about his life as a paramedic and extreme cyclist: how his Clearview is far more than just a stove; and he also takes us on a thrilling ride.

Peter Reader - Peter Reader Landscapes

Garden designer and former doctor Peter Reader entered his garden 'Al Fresco' in the 2014 R.H.S. Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The centrepiece of his innovative design was a Clearview stove.

This film takes us on the journey from the design, build and opening of the show, and ultimately - the judging. At stake are some of the most coveted awards in the gardening world...

Mick and Sally Jennings

Mick and Sally Jennings transformed their living room when they had a Clearview Pioneer 400p stove fitted. Gone was the dark cowl and smokey fire that sent most of its heat up the chimney. Now the room looks far bigger and is substantially warmer!

Mick and Sally also took delivery of a Clearview log store, and the film shows it being put up and filled with Clearview's perfectly cut, seasoned logs.

Help & Advice

How to light a Clearview Stove - The Official Guide

James Garnett of Clearview Stoves shows us how easy it is to light and control a Clearview Stove.

This demonstration is filmed in our beautiful showroom at Dinham House, Ludlow.