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10 year old Vision continues to impress - Vision

Dear clear view
We have had your stove (500) for about 10 years, it’s been utterly brilliant and still looks brand new, keep clear, burns hot and economically and I am very grateful for your manufacturing……………………………….. Well done you
M**** P****r
In use last night (7th Dec 2022)

Potter - 10 year stove.jpg

Clearview Stoves - Which "Best Stove Brand" - July 2019

Which consumer research asked more than 1,400 wood-burning stove owners to give their views on popular stove brands; Clearview was a resounding hit, coming top out of 12 stove brands with an outstanding customer score of 94%.

They asked users how satisfied they were with their stove and whether they would recommend it. Anything within 70% was a good score. The table below shows you the breakdown of ratings.

Star ratings reflect the opinions of the 179 Clearview customers who were asked to rate each area on a scale from very poor to excellent. Clearview got the maximum of five stars for four out of the five areas, reflecting its position in first place. The survey goes to show that excellence is possible – Clearview has proved it.

Clearview was one of only two brands to get the top rating for value for money. For ease of using and controlling, it was among just three stove manufacturers to get five stars. Most others got a far more average three stars.

These results certainly show that Clearview is pleasing customers with stoves that are well worth the price.


Willie Whitelaw - Pioneer 400

As I write these words at the winter solstice, our trusty stove is beaming a warming glow into the room and into my tired bones. I feel something that I feel for no other piece of equipment, tool, machine or domestic appliance. Gratitude. The stove feels like a benevolent old friend, somehow returning far more than it ever asks for.

I chop some wood, wait for it to dry, load it into the stove in winter and then some kind of alchemy happens. The stove takes the results of my rudimentary manual labour and creates a transcental, warming, comforting episode. 

The wood stove strikes me as one of humankind's greatest inventions. In my view the only other machine that comes close to a wood stove is the bicycle. Stoves are special because fire is special. But a stove is more efficient than an open fire and brings the wild outdoors into the heart of the home, without smoke and, if properly installed and used, without danger. I am sure you love your stove, but mine is the best.


My favourite stove is the Clearview Pioneer 400. I doubt there is a better stove out there (although the Jotul 602 that I once used at The Lazy Duck Hostel in Nethy Bridge was very impressive).

We like this stove so much that we have bought two of them, one for our old house and another when we moved to our current home. The Charnwood Cove, which was evicted and sold to make way for the Clearview, was a fine stove too, but it was not in the same class as the clearview or as well designed for everyday use. They are both the same price, incidentally.

The feature I like most about the Clearview is its 'Independent Updraft Air Distribution System' or, as I call it, 'The Turbo'. Basically, the turbo is an extra, circular vent on the front of the stove that allows you to increase the draught for maximum fire-starting ability. Remember when you would place a sheet of newspaper over an open fireplace to dramatically increase the draught? Well, the turbo does the same thing inside the stove. 

The updraft booster is only supposed to be used to get the fire started, and then closed off. However, the great thing about it is that it can also be used to rescue a fire that through neglect (always in ready supply in our household), has dwindled to a pile of barely glowing ash. No problem; place a couple of logs on top of the ash, open the turbo and, within 30 seconds, bright orange flames are roaring the fire back to life. This one feature has saved us a lot of 'who let the first go out' arguments. 

However, it gets better. The Clearview lives up to its name and has an excellent  'air wash' system that keeps the glass very clean. It almost never needs to be cleaned and will only become dull and smoked if we are stupid enough to burn damp logs on low throttle. (This is a bad idea anyway, producing pollution and inefficiency).

The controllability of this stove is what makes it such a pleasure to use. It flatters the user by being easy to light, easy to revive and always providing a good picture of the fire to cheer up the living room. Even though it is a smallish stove it will take 12 inch logs which makes life easier when cross cutting firewood. 

It is a very efficient stove and pumps out more heat per log than any other stove that I have used. For example, I have a cheap, steel box stove, with no refractory (fire brick) lining in my workshop and it gobbles much more wood than the Clearview and produces about a quarter of the heat output. 

Naturally, our dog loves this stove and she regularly opens the back door herself to run into the house and stand in front of the stove shortly after it is lit. I think she smells the wood smoke when she is out in the garden. The top is flat and generous enough to cook on, even with the top mounted flue. During power cuts we have made soup and stew on it. 

The pioneer is a 5kW stove, which is more than enough to heat our living room and kitchen, a space about eight meters by five meters. Once it is going, we open the door to the upstairs to let the heat flow into the whole house. I recently worked out that the stove is saving us £35/ week on energy costs, more reason to love it. 

In her book Hovel in the Hills, Elizabeth West christens her cantakerous, smokey and temperamental wood burning range 'Stove' and treats it almost like another member of the family. That's what stoves are like, they develop a personality and you form a relationship to them.

I'm sure you love yours as much as I love mine. (But as I said mine is best).


As written in Reforesting Scotland.


Mr & Mrs Trotman - Vision 500

Vision 500 (Mr & MrsT) 1.png

On the 13th Feb 2018 we had a new Vision 500 stove fitted.

Well I would just like to say a very big thank you for supplying a magnificent stove.

 We are so delighted with it as it almost has the control of a gas fire.

The fitters couldn’t have been nicer also and were prepared to help us with everything, very clean and efficient so congratulations to them both. After we told him about the removal of the centre wall of our lounge he then calculated the size and output of heat we needed, otherwise we would get far too hot in the room as it was.

We have two old cottages converted to one so we needed something substantial to heat it.  The Length of our room is 5.800cm x 3.500 but goes into an L shape room which is 6 metres across. The height is 2.200cm.

We have noticed that the stove is so efficient it actually turns off the central heating as the cottage warms up. ( A saving of oil there ).

Not only did the fitters put the stove in they repointed the whole of the inside to give a beautiful finish as you can see.

We also were supplied with a starter kit which included A few logs, kindling wood, fire lighters and a lovely pair of heatproof gloves for handling logs and controlling the fire.

We can’t emphasise enough the amount of heat output this vision 500 gives out. The quality of this stove is second to none with its clear glass and efficient way it burns in its own gases. And we don’t have to empty the ash can every day because it burns so hot the ash is just dust ( Amazing ). I would say its one of the best investments I’ve put my money into.

Well what more can I say as you can see we are bowled over by this stove. We just wish we could have afforded one years ago, but we have now !!!!


 So thank you all one again, From a very pleased and happy couple.


Christine Thomas - Pioneer 400

Good afternoon,

We purchased a Pioneer 400 last year from New Forest Woodburning Centre. Thought you might like to see a picture of it in situ. The first was taken recently at night with the fire going and Poppy, one of our cats, taking full advantage of the warmth. I think she was trying to emulate the earthenware cat on the right! Made us smile anyway!

The other two were taken not long after the Pioneer was installed. We are delighted with it and glad we changed from our previous open fire - certainly helps keep our old cottage warmer and so cheerful.

Christine, New forest.


photo2-19.jpg  photo3-17.jpg

Sean, Samantha & Franco -

Simon - Vision

Please see our photo of a recent installation of one of your pioneer oven stoves.

Your stockists M Davies Ltd in Northamptonshire fitted this stove perfectly last Friday into our inglenook and I'm sure you'll agree it was an excellent choice for the space it fills. M Davies Ltd are a credit to the Clearview brand and recommend them highly to us which we are greatful for.

If anyone is wondering whether to invest in a Clearview stove rather than opt for a slightly cheaper alternative then I would encourage them to wholeheartedly to choose Clearview. It is minus 3 outside today and there is snow on the ground. We have no central heating in our two bedroom cottage and are sat here sweltering. Even the heat seeking dogs have had to find a cool spot. What a wonderful efficient stove and an excellent alternative to expensive oil or electric heating.

I would not hesitate to recommend Clearview stoves as the number 1 choice for any type of fireplace. We have even saved on electricity cooking casseroles and jacket potatoes to perfection in the oven.



Sharon - Pioneer Oven

Hi there.

Don't think I have ever done this before but I am so pleased with my stove I thought I must let you know.

I had put in on December 16th, perfect timing as it turned out given the weather that we have been having.

I live in Trowbridge in Wilts but a company in Frome, Somerset bought it on my behalf and installed it for me.

I live in a two bed terraced house and have not put the central heating on since my stove was fitted.

I love it!!!!

Kind regards,


Morag -

Thank you.

I have become obsessed with trying to achieve max performance. We love our stove which is installed in a quite small downstairs living room. Light the fire and half an hour later open the living room door and heat wafts magically upstairs. I reckon it saves us mega bucks as the oil fired central heating is rarely required. And this is all happening in Bonnie Scotland! We are about to purchase our third 20 tonne load from the Forestry Commission. Dealing with this involves much hard labour and a chainsaw. As we are now of pensionable age....76 and 67...we really need maximum benefit from this next load.

Thank you again for your prompt responses.


Judy & Tom - Vision

Dear James,

We thought you might like to see that we are now a two Clearview home! Tom fitted the second stove (the one you sent to us) last week and it is now commissioned and working well. The first picture is of our original Clearview put in about 4 years ago in the kitchen. The second picture is of the new stove in our 'salon' or sitting room. We are really delighted with them both - they are so responsive and will keep us very cosy.

Many thanks for all your help.


Judy and Tom

Graham - Clearview Wood Store

Good morning,

Please find attached an image taken shortly after sunrise this morning.

I moved to this house only recently, and the piece of land you see was overhung with trees. On clearing them back, I found it to be a rubble dump littered with just about everything from concrete bits to discarded pet toys, all riddled with weeds. It took me some while to clear and make good, whereupon I purchased a log store from your good selves.

Placed on solid compacted earth (no likelihood of sinking) surrounded by gravel, topped with guttering and finished off with a recovered horseshoe, I trust you will agree it all looks rather splendid. And I expect it do so for years to come.

Many thanks...

Whitney on Wye

Cathy - Pioneer 400

Dear everyone at Clearview stoves,

Thought you may enjoy this poem I was inspired to write about my wonderful Pioneer 400 Clearview stove. We're coming up to our fourth winter together, and I (and the dog) love it more than ever!

I've performed it a few times at Open Mic events, to great reception, and like to think I've encourage more than a few people to get one too...

Many thanks,, have a cosy winter!



A Midwinter Incantation or 'Shall I Compare Thee To A Clearview Stove?'

I want a lover like my Clearview stove, my Clearview stove will never rove

Though it's got four legs, and a wide-open heart

A big clear window, which never soots up,

Easy to kindle, easy to start, always there for me,

'Til death do us part

I want a lover like my Clearview stove.

I want a love like my Clearview stove, solid and chunky, at the center of my hearth.

I feed it wood, it holds me in

The warmth of its

Big kind arms

I gaze all night into its fierce dancing heart

I hear it breathe (but never belch or fart)

(That's my department)

I want a love like my Clearview stove.

I want to love like my Clearview stove, steadily, fule-efficiently, sustainably,

With flames entrancing, envisioning, ever-changing

In a playful heart, each moment anew

On a deep bed of ashes, incandescent, encarnado*, vermillion-hot

I want to love like a Clearview stove.

O to give love like my Clearview stove, given to me by family:

Sisters Nelli, Fran, Nicki and Stephanie

Caroline - Vision

Thought you would like this pic of our pets enjoying our Clearview stoves warmth.

Caroline, Lincolnshire

Annie - Pioneer Oven

Hi James,

Thought you would like this latest photo of my Jack Russell 'Milou' at home, enjoying the warmth from our Pioneer Oven last weekend!

With regards, 


Clare - Pioneer 400

Dear James

We now have the Pioneer Oven installed in our kitchen. It is absolutley fantastic! It warms most of the house and cooks most of our meals - for at least 6!

Once again, we are delighted with it! I thought you might like some pictures of how we use it. I can make stock, boil the kettle and fry some onions on the top, while cooking sausages or casseroles etc inside the oven. The double decker trays work very well; I swap them round every so often to cook evenly.