Clearview Stoves

Our Philosophy

We care passionately about the environment and believe wood is the perfect fuel. Trees provide food and shelter for wildlife and add beauty to our lives and then provide us with a near carbon neutral fuel for our heating. A real fire radiates a feeling of well being, the flicker of flames makes it a magical place to gather, talk, laugh and relax. Wood also enables you to take control of your heating, never again worrying about power failures or the rising cost of energy.

These beliefs started us on a quest to design and build a stove that would set new industry standards. A stove with traditional styling, simple to use, highly efficient with a wonderful view of the flames behind crystal clear glass. It would be easy to light, burn for long periods unattended and be constructed by craftsmen using the finest materials.

After much research and development we achieved all of these objectives. Since 1987 our team of skilled workers have been producing a range of stoves considered by many to be the finest in the world. It’s not unusual to be told that it's the best purchase our customers have ever made for their home.