Clearview Stoves

How we make our wonderful stoves


Since 1987, from our twenty-acre site in the Shropshire hills, we have been designing and manufacturing the very finest wood burning stoves. From this beautiful location, we control all aspects of production with passion and enthusiasm, from research and development, through to design, manufacture and distribution. 

In the most modern of stove production facilities we combine the very latest computer controlled robotic production equipment with traditional hand finishing techniques to produce the best, most efficient and reliable stoves available. 

Throughout the manufacturing process every stove is thoroughly checked at each stage. At the end of the production line it is carefully and securely packaged and then delivered on time by a fleet of our own dedicated lorries. It doesn’t stop there. We believe that expert advice is essential when considering the purchase and installation of a stove. To this end we take care to advise you on which model will best suit your needs and on its efficient and safe installation. Our product knowledge is unequalled in the industry, our after sales service is second to none, so you can be confident that the Clearview Stove you choose will be the right one, giving you many years of trouble-free pleasure and satisfaction. 

We are proud to have grown into Britain’s leading manufacturer of clean burning stoves. There is a simple reason for our success – we love and believe in our stoves and are dedicated to channelling all our passion and energy into making one exceptional product.