Clearview Stoves

Firewood Facts

Although multi fuel by design, all our stoves are wood burning by nature. We are passionate about wood and encourage customers to use only wood, wherever practical.


Firewood is usually measured by loose volume rather than weight because the drier the log, the less it will weigh. The rectangular shape of firewood does not compact well, so a flexible container or bag will contain more than a rigid container of the same theoretical volume. 

Freshly processed

This will be the cheapest and most efficient way to buy our fuel.  With a moisture content of 46% or below, our freshly processed wood fuel will require stacking for one or two years prior to use depending on wood type.

Seasoned wood (below 35% moisture)

Seasoning is a loose term used to describe various types of storage.  Our seasoned wood has usually been in our yard for one year prior to processing.  One year of seasoning will usually reduce moisture content by 10%. Purchase these logs spring or early summer, stack with good air circulation and they should be good to burn next autumn.

Double seasoned

This is wood which has been processed and stored in giant ventilated cages for a season.  Double seasoning will reduce moisture wood fuel content to below 25%.  Double seasoned wood fuel is ideal for burning immediately whatever time of year.  Much of our double seasoned firewood has a moisture content below 15%. 

How much firewood do I require

If you burn your stove for a few hours each evening you may require just three bags per season.  Stoves that are used throughout the winter typically require six plus bags per season. If there is anything you want to know about firewood we can help. Wood is our passion, and at the very heart of all we do. 

Naturally dried fuel

Naturally dried wood fuel has not been ‘thermally crashed’ and therefore the wood structure will remain tenacious and volatiles and gases will remain intact for gentle release during the combustion process. 

Some suppliers are using kilns to speed up the drying process and may imply it is superior to air dried. Kiln drying however, does nothing to improve the energy value of wood fuel.  Kiln dried wood fuel is normally dried to below 25% (the same as Clearview Timber double seasoned naturally dried fuel).