Clearview Stoves



Clearview stoves are considered by many to be ‘the greenest stoves on earth’. They are environmentally friendly, not only in their nature, but as much as possible in the way they are built.  

It is also important for us to remember that, whilst we are very proud to help our customers reduce their energy consumption, we too use energy in the manufacturing process. We go to great lengths to reduce this embodied energy.

Green Manufacturing


  • Almost every part, component and material is purchased from the UK, and sourced locally wherever practical.  Most are bought in bulk to reduce wasted lorry space, thus minimalising cost and environmental impact.   
  • All Clearview stoves are built entirely at our Bishops Castle factory.
  • All Clearview stoves are built using British steel.
  • Uniquely, we deliver most Clearview stoves with our own transport, enabling us to make the process as efficient and cost effective as possible.
  • Much of our own heating comes from wood, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, both in our showrooms and our factory.
  • Every month we recycle many of tonnes of steel, along with a huge quantity of cardboard and plastic.

Green Fuel

  • Wood burnt on a stove releases no more carbon than if it was decaying in the forest.
  • Trees produce oxygen and over their lifetime will have absorbed much more carbon than will be given out when its burnt.
  • Using wood encourages the sustainable management of our woodlands which, in turn, helps nurture the wildlife that relies on it.
  • Clearview plant thousands of trees a year to help offset those that are used by us and our customers. Prime trees are allowed to flourish as older ones are thinned out during the woodland management process.
  • Locally sourced wood that is air dried and delivered in the immediate area, drastically reduces the energy used in its creation. This is more efficient than relying on palletised kiln dried logs that may have travelled hundreds of miles, using many gallons of diesel before being delivered to your door.
  • Clearview stoves require little maintenance, all of which can be carried out by the customer. This means no call out charges or service engineers driving around the country increasing this embodied energy. Once installed, stoves are truly off grid and will rely on just seasoned wood to provide warmth and energy security.

Care for the environment defines Clearview as well as strongly influencing how we operate.