Clearview Stoves

8 GOOD REASONS to use a clearview stove


1. A Clearview Stove is a pleasure to use.

There is nothing quite like a Clearview log fire, to instill a feeling of warmth and well-being. It offers a focal point to your home and provides one of life’s genuine pleasures.  

2. A Clearview Stove is super efficient.

A Clearview stove is over 70% efficient, compared with 10% for most open fires. It produces many times more heat from the same fuel as an open fire, and cures draughts and smoking hearths.

3. Wood fuel saves you money!

A Clearview wood burning stove can dramatically reduce your heating costs and for many, wood is the most economical fuel obtainable.

4. A Clearview stove can be used in smokeless zones.

Clearview Stoves are permitted for use in smokeless areas and we were the very first company in Britain to have a multi-fuel stove approved for this usage.

5. You will no longer be reliant on faceless energy companies.

A Clearview Stove keeps you safe, cosy and warm even during a power cut. You will never again be reliant on a faceless energy company. You're in control when you burn wood.

6. Wood is a renewable fuel that’s good for the environment.

We believe wood is the perfect fuel. Trees provide food and shelter for wildlife, add beauty to our lives and then offer us a near a carbon neutral fuel for our heating.

7. A Clearview wood burning stove is safe.

There is no risk of sparks with a Clearview stove, and they can even be left to burn unattended through the night.

8. No manual required.

A Clearview Stove is incredibly well made from the finest materials with no wires, computers or thermostats to go wrong and all wear and tear parts easily replaceable. It's so simple you don't need a manual.