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Eco Design

What is 'Ecodesign'?

Ecodesign is a new European Standard scheduled by the European Union prior to Brexit.

'Ecodesign' was scheduled without field trials and with little if any consideration of the many and varied buildings and conditions throughout Europe. Many so called 'Ecodesign' products are not working, are dangerous and are clearly not fit-for-purpose. Clearview Stoves are confident that once shortcomings are realised the 'Ecodesign' standard will be changed, abandoned or ignored.

The European 'Ecodesign' standard applies to New Product Designs for use within Europe.

The European 'Ecodesign' product catagory provides for exsiting tried and tested products already on the market to continue to be sold, used and fitted.

There is no suggestion that existing stoves will be replaced.

Clearview Stoves will not build a product that does not perform at least as well as the Clearview stove thousands of homes know and love. Clearview Stoves have the tightest quality standards of any UK stove manufacturer. Clearview Stoves are built for the real world - they work superbly and exceed expectation.

The Clearview reputation for performance, durability and ease of use is second to none.

"Our Clearview is the best thing we have ever bought" is so often said.

With rising energy prices and encouragment to reduce our carbon footprint there has never been a time when using a Clearview stove made more sense.

For more information on Eco Design and stove efficiency please click here.

Clearview Pioneer Oven

With power cuts a fairly regular occurrence for some, stoves can often provide vital energy independence.

Clearview Stoves = stoves for the real world.